Eating and medicine

When you grow up, you start to eat and drink „things“. Most likely you start to eat and drink likely to what you got used to at home. Then you start experimenting with nutrition. You eat and drink new things. Some good and some bad, but mainly to find out how they taste and what they do when you consume them. Finally you recognize what is good and what is bad in your nutrition. You get to know things that do something well for you and you recognize things that are doing something bad. At the end you either decide to make your food your medicines or you have to take medicines to continue eating bad food, that is harming your body.

Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food. It’s a power knowledge to eat & drink like that and as such life a healthy and energetic life. 

PS – You don‘t have to do that every single day – there are days you can cheat and enjoy some fancy stuff – but in general, you can go like 6/1 (just one cheat day a week) a week.