Revolution vs Evolution…or something in between

This morning I had a discussion about how to change fundamental society behavior. Things like, environmental behavior, hate speech, radicalization, populism…
Looking at the print media, social media, TV, radio, podcast or any online media, you are bombarded by negative messaging. The vast majority of “news” are negative. There are reason behind this: negative news is standing out from the ordinary and is potentially threatening our status quo – so we look into this. Another point is that negative news is consumed 6x more than positive news which results in more reach and more commercial impact. Going thru Instagram, it is really shocking how many negative news are there AND getting lots of views/clicks.
When it comes to changing patterns/behaviors, I have to learn a lot to understand what is going on and then to conclude how to change things. Example:
Andrew Tate is a British-American media personality. He promotes hate and violence against women and a violent, hateful and aggressive living style for young men. Videos with his hashtag had been clicked more than 13 billion times on TikTok. The opinions of this person are mainly complete nonsense. You don’t need to be over intelligent to understand that you should not beat anybody or specifically women. Nevertheless, millions follow him and support him. So, what could be done to change this and get this hate and nonsense out of the media and in best case out of this world?
Well, there could be a prosecutor- an official political and legal body – who could go after this behavior and make sure that everything that is above and beyond legal, is followed and regulated by law (This guy, Andrew Tate, was part of Big Brother in 2016. He was removed from the show when a video got online in which he was beating a women with his belt like an animal…there was no prosecution for that…). In essence a standard execution of law and order. As a matter of fact, this is not happening.
This is just an example. But the question is, if the democratic systems of today, are still able to deal with all the wrong behavior we have in the world at the moment. Or is it really 5 min after 12, and the world is ready for more radical things, like a revolution.
I do believe that every change in society has to go thru the political system. The system might have ancient processes that need to be changed and adapted – but I still believe that the democratic system is working. I know, looking at the parties and the politicians these days, many will highly question my statement. Who is out there? Macron? Sanchez? Scholz? Orban? Meloni? Von der Leyen? Michel? I wouldn’t vote for any of these so called “leaders”. But I still do believe that elections are a powerful instrument for the people to chose their party and their leaders they want to be represented from. What we are missing are strong leaders, that can articulate a future perspective for the people and then follow them thru. I understand the frustration that there are no such leaders at the moment. Look at what happened in Bremen on Sunday…a party called “Bürger in Wut – BIW” achieved 10%+. They barely have a program and 10% are voting for them as the alternatives are just not worth it.
Breaking down the system and start a revolution is another way. This will happen if we have a majority of people who can’t survive anymore. It’s an instrument that is pulled whenever this critical phase is achieved. I don’t believe we are at this point (yet). Frustration is growing fast and initiatives like “Letzte Generation” and their radical protests are signs, that we are getting to this phase where people will no longer believe in the democratic system and therefore start to act revolutionary.
The foundation for everything is engagement. When I engage, I can change whatever I want. And if many more engage, we can start a movement. I am not there to articulate my thoughts of what the movement should lead to exactly – but I hope I will get there. And I will write it down for sure.


  • Mario Kowalski

    Revolution was a change from one society status to a new society status by radical means. Feudalism or dicatatorship to Democracy was the latest move. Some thought that the next revoutioninary step will be communism. But hey failed because none of those countries were realy coming from a democratic status. Russia, Cuba, Angola, Vietnam, Poland, Hungary Tchech….they all were coming from a dictatorship or in the case of Russia from a feudalistic regime. So they just change the leaders but not the system. In my view each society needs kind of French Revoulution but they need to be ready and the majority of the peoples must support: Liberty, equality, fraternity! These are the values on which even our society is build and which is a common sense. Now we are facing some radical movements in Germany: “Bürger in Wut” (just by accident because the AfD was too stupid to run for the elections by themselves), the original AfD. So at least perhaps 15% up to 20% of the German peoples vote for and even many less really support the AfD. And they are opposing against separation of powers (Legislative, executive and judiciary). And to abolish these fundaments of our society would be a real thread. But they do not have supporters in Politics, in Police and Army or Judgement. But this would be a substantial prerequisite to put our society in danger. Or take the “Reichsbürger”. They prepared a putsch and failed already before they have started. One Policeman, one Judge and one from the Army and in general a handful of zombies. No, they will not be a thread to our society. My assumption: Not more than 5% of our population really support these idiots. The “radical” left: PDS is history (but they do not know yet), lost many supporters to the AfD (which indicates that there is no real ideology behind. It’s just a compilation of a generation we lost. The poor, the suspended ones, the disintegrated former GDR peoples and perhaps a few radicals. Not a danger for a strong democracy. The “last generation” is not a radical left. It’s one issue they are articulating but not so much a constituational one but to safe our enviroment. So it’s not so much a polital pattern (remember the origin of the word polis: all affairs dealing with a a city) but a very important question for mankind. But do they want to kill our constitution by radical means? Not at all. They are using the given democratic opportunities to express their views. And that’s good. In my view the real thread for our democracy in the world is something different. The number of democratic states worldwide has been falling for years and in many democratic states democracy is slowly but surely going to the dogs. A glance at developments in Venezuela, Turkey, Hungary and Poland is sufficient. There, democracy is being eroded not by street mobs but by the political establishment itself, usually because those in power do not want power but want more and more of the power they have. Strange: They were elected by democratical means and then they start killing democracy. This is what keeps me awake. But with a view to AfD, Reichsbürger and other zombies I sleep well. But I agree even if there is not a concrete thread we all have to engage for the values of Liberty, equality, fraternity (sisterhood) and its derivatives. This is what I’m doing in those groups I’m part of. And I’m sure you do the same. If there will be a movement? I don’t think so. This is called civil courage.

  • Frank Obermeier

    Engagement that is not generating a movement is sentenced to death from the very beginning. Even its just your personal movement – but there need to be something. As you know, I am a strong believer in: move yourself to move us all.
    Civil courage is part of an engagement and there are many definition for engagement. All political systems and all parties start with an engagement that develops into a movement. If the movement is getting big enough to drive something big is a different question.
    If the engagement from “last generation” will just be eliminated (as it is opposing the principle of our legislation) the movement will disappear and nothing is happening.
    AFD, Reichsbürger, PDS, BIW – they have somehow achieved to become a movement. This provides you the basis to get something done. I totally agree with liberty, equality and fraternity.
    I keep thinking how a movement that is driving positive change can look like. It’s more than civil courage. At the moment people and nations are desperately looking for it.
    …and yes, the idiots that are trying to do something in the AfD are no threat – but I don’t want to see what happens if there is a single leader standing up and uniting the right wing parties across Europe. We are not ready for something like this.
    Much better to fill this vacuum with liberty, equality and sisterhood my friend

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