Bojan Slat – having impact

On 7th April the Ocean Cleanup non-profit organisation accomplished a milestone of 200.000 kg of plastic removed from the ocean.
It all started as a vision from Bojan Slat to get plastic out of the Ocean in 2011, when he was 16. Since then, he achieved with his team to introduce and establish The Ocean Cleanup and after years of inventing, testing and trying they finally arrived at a technology on a ship that can collect tons of plastic. They focus at this point in time the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), which is an area in the ocean, twice the size of Texas, where currents, winds and weather have gathered trillions of tons of plastic.
This is such a fantastic example of courage and passion, leadership and willingness, conviction and faith.
Bojan is inviting people to join his efforts and provides full transparency what is working and what is not working. Many failures and disappointments came along the way over the last decade, but with his focus he kept the organisation on the mark. More and more milestones to achieve the next years and decades to come.
Engagement is everything and makes a substantial difference. No matter how small the steps are to start. Just use less plastic in your life. and make us live in a better place.