We can have 80% less plastic garbage on the planet by 2040

Based on a report from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), we could have 80% less plastic garbage on the planet by 2040. A report that came out yesterday – got some minor headlines in the press and online media.
It’s a study that claims we can change the usage of plastic fundamentally by introducing a full circular economy around plastic. Using less, re-cycle much more, re-use much more, introducing a deposit system and having less cost for recycling or water cleaning systems. About 700.000 working places would be generated. And plastic will remain a part of our world. We can use it in a thoughtful and future proof way.
It requires significant changes in the economy and the business models around plastic. It is a economic and a political effort that need to happen.
So, whenever somebody is telling you it is not possible or not doable to change the way how we polite the planet with plastic – tell them, that there in-detail plans available. We need to do it now.