The essential in a business

I just have to write it down again. Even it is an obvious and fundamental observation – but many times the biggest mistake in a business…
It’s all about people.
They make the difference.
When you recognize, that they are not at the level you need – it is already too late.
Act accordingly and find the right leaders for the job.
If you hang on to mediocre performance your results will suck – sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but they definitely will.
I just come across so many situations in business where this is the case. I did this mistake in the past far too many times.
And if you are a person being in a position which is fully out of your comfort zone…leave and find the right job. There is no way you can become happy and deliver great performance when you don‘t have the skills to do so.
There isn’t anything wrong in that. The opposite is the case – It’s a strength!