Climate temperature exchange

The other day, I introduced to you the company right° based on science. A company, that can calculate a degree number to every single business and as such has a measurement how they are contributing to the heating of our planet. If a business has 0.5°C, it is doing actually really really good. If a business is has 4°C, it is doing really really bad. Very simple and on the point.
Now, what about we would introduce a climate temperature exchange. An exchange that lists all business in any given country and their actual temperature number. Something like VW has 2°C, Deutsche Bank has 2.3°C, Siemens has 4°C, Mainnova has 1.8°C and so on. This exchange provides the temperature number for every single business in the country. And the temperature exchange is monitored by the government. Not by the ministry of finance, but by the ministry of energy & climate (if that would exist…).
The exchange is available online to everybody for free, so you can look up the temperature of any specific business at any point in time in real time. If you want to buy a car, a bread, a trouser or a new phone – you just look up the temperature of the manufacturer before you buy. Imagine this number would be updated daily, so you see how a specific business is doing against their contribution to the heating of the planet.
And now imagine, that each business has to pay a climate tax. A tax depending on the specific degree number that is listed on the exchange. If your number is higher than 1.5° you have to pay a tax that gets higher and higher the bigger your temperature number is. If it is lower, you actually receive a credit and the credit gets higher the lower your number is.
Finally, think about that this is happening in real time. If you are Apple and your temperature number is 1.7° today you can sell you products today only by applying the climate tax of x to all your product on this day. If it is 1.65° the next day, you can sell your products applying a climate tax to all your products of x-y on this day. And so on.
I can hear all the naysayers and bystanders already explaining me, that this won’t happen – but I guarantee that in the near future a climate tax depending on your “climate performance” will be introduced. Instead of using “CSRD, ESG, CO2 Emission” and so on, we should simply use a temperature number. And give our politicians a tool that they can actually use for the benefit of this planet.
As such we would finally have a tool to force the business “commercially” to do something about their impact and have it monitored by all people on a daily base – how beautiful is that!
We would need to define clearly what would happen with the money collected – and given the quality of our politicians today this will be a task. But one step after the other.,

PS – and don’t come back that this is to complicated to implement. Just look what is possible on the “commercial exchanges” in real time, so that people can make millions of dollars in milliseconds…we can do the same or better to have a climate impact.