Making politics better

Over the last couple of days I had numerous discussions and inputs about politics with friends. It always started with a chat about a topic we where not happy with – taxes, infrastructure, education, migration, climate change, social system, and so on.
So we debated what to do in these different areas and shared pros and cons of different approaches. Some heated conversations, some emotional discussions, some calm discussions. At the end of all these talks we concluded that there are is a responsible body for these topics in place…politics and therefore politicians.
Once concluded, the conversation moved immediately to the poor quality of the politicians (Interesting enough, pretty independent from the political orientation). Common sense is, that the parties and their representatives are not doing what they are supposed to do and promised during election.
This leads to the next conclusion – it doesn’t make sense to engage into politics as every time you engage you get disappointed by the established parties.

Politics without engagement doesn’t work and can’t survive. It will simply die.

This chain of conclusions need to be disrupted. The solution to better politics is engagement and participation. It is hard – and in all fairness often impossible – to engage into the actual political system. It’s false, not transparent and protected by politicians who want to keep their power first.
A change of this system can work by steady engagement – over generations – to change it from the inside. Or it will work by rebellious action and harsh protest against the establishment. 6th January 2021 in Washington has given a first glimpse how this can look like.
The bottom line is, that politics need to get better. Much better, but it would be a good start to have baby step improvements consistently.
Engagement is the key to everything. From my perspective it is much better than protest & violence (but this might come if politics remains where it is…). What does engagement mean and how can we participate and do something?
1. Inform yourself and be active in voicing your opinion
2. Encourage the younger generations to participate in politics
3. Take all your possibilities to vote in the democratic system
4. Make politicians responsible for their doing by voting against them if they lie and don’t deliver what they promised
5. If you are tired and want to give up – start at point 1.

We messed up the system and the political landscape over decades – it will take decades to heal it. Start now – the sooner healing will start.

PS – Stay positive and ignore the naysayers. You will see that more and more positive people will come into your life and the naysayers will get isolated