Surprise: Climate change has impact…

The last couple of weeks I saw more and more messages about the impact of climate change above and beyond the temperature of the earth. And the messages came with a notion, that people are surprised that climate change is actually more than just a temperature change. Here are some of the consequences…

Climate change has a negative impact on premature birth rate (1.05x more per 1 degree increase)
Climate change has a negative impact on death rate (3.4M more dead people by century end thru climate change)
Climate change has a negative impact on groundwater levels across the world (reduced by up to 10% over the next decade in some regions – including Europe)
Climate change has a negative impact on groundwater level quality across the world (sea salt is getting more and more into the groundwater the more they levels sink)
Climate change has a negative impact on food availability (some kind of food will disappear given the change in biodiversity)

All of these topics (and many more) are now a normal part of our lives. And btw – there no positive impacts of climate change. People are still debating scale and root cause of these impacts. Politicians seriously debate the time remaining to deal with the impacts.
Reality is, that the predicted consequences are now taking place. The weather, which I haven’t mentioned, is most likely the one impact we now recognize daily – storms, dryness, flooding, heat…

Stop debating and start changing your actions to reduce CO2 emissions. Now and daily, There isn’t any other way to change the climate. Don’t wait for the others (or the other big contributors – US, China, India) to begin. Start with yourself. And stop being surprised that climate change will have a real impact on everything.