Hello – I am back

This is just a quick note, that I am back from my bike trip to Vienna and that I will start writing my thoughts and useless/ful comments again.
It was a long and very low intensity ride from the black Forrest close to Vienna. Nearly 900 km flat along side the Donau. It is called the most beautiful cycling path in Europe but I would say it is about 500km of the same landscape and then when you enter Austria it changes for 100km, but then it turns again to be quite the same for the remaining 200km. Nevertheless, friendly people, some good food and for sure a good and steady work out for 10 days.
The return to Switzerland was by train and I was stupid enough to believe that you can just jump on a train with your bike…first thing to learn is, that you cant buy tickets online if you are crossing the border – it is a must to show up at the counter. Second, you need a reservation for the bike. If you don’t have that, you will be kicked out from the train – regardless if there is still a free bike place 🤨. And finally, the train with the bike is at least as expensive as a flight – I would say it is more expensive, but I haven’t checked.
All in all, a good experience, crossed Germany from left to right, learned that the Austrian wine in the Wachau might be interesting – but not for me and met a couple of friends on the way. Lets see what the next trip might bring.