Like dinosaur cheering the comet impact

During this summer you can be a real live witness of another bizarre human being behaviour.
Lets start in the US…they have a valley called death valley which is well known for the insane temperatures that can be witnessed there. The record is somewhere between 54 and 55 degrees. Now, during a recent weekend, there was a headline that this record might be broken and people were asked NOT to go into the valley and stay in safe distance. It didn’t take long and the first images appeared on different online medias with people posing beside a thermometer and smiling at a number which was 52.x degrees. And other images showed that hundreds of people were showing up in the valley to witness a potential record and for sure document that they had been there – with a grin on their face how great it is to see the real change happening.
Lets go to Europe – Rhodos, a Greek island, actually half of it in flames. In the middle of the summer with many many tourists. Now, when the flames got out of control, evacuation was starting and people were brought to safer hotels on the island. For sure not the same luxury level than the hotels they had been evacuated from. Guess what, it took about 12 hours and the first tourists were taking their families going back to the hotels near the uncontrolled flames. The argument was that the money they had spent for this luxury hotel and the insurance will not cover the loss.
It is amazing to see the people just ignoring the facts, even when they are just in front of them. Suddenly the media is full to discuss “where can we spend our summer holiday if Spain, Italy and Greece are too hot?” What have the people looked at the last decades? Why have they thought, that all of this is just nonsense? And why do they not even act, when the change is ringing at their door?
Make your voice heard and request an immediate action from the politics and the governments around the world. This is nothing that will go away by itself. It is never too late and it is something that WE need to address and go after. Just reading this and doing nothing, is not an option.