Girona – a place to visit (even without biking)

Spending a couple of days at a new place is always refreshing and exciting. Girona is Southeast from Barcelona, about 80km away from the airport. You have 30 km to the Costa Brava to enjoy the beach. But in the city, there are many things to explore.
It’s a super famous old ancient town where many parts of „Game of thrones“ had been shot. So you actually have a lot of tourists just visiting the city to look for that.
On top of that you have a real „cafe scene“ in this city. From David Miller, over Lance Armstrong to Jan Frodeno – each of these guys have opened places that have a relaxed and chilled vibe. Best thing is to sit and watch all the cyclists, dressed up like stars and show off before or after their tours…
Then you have a typical Spanish evening culture. Dinner is normally super late (9is/10ish) and you have lots of restaurant of all kind you can chose from. Prices are reasonable and not to the extreme like in Barcelona.
And finally the entire place is friendly and clean – normally nothing special, but the more you get South in Europe, this isn’t a given.
Whenever you can stop here for a day or two – it’s absolutely worthwhile and fun.