Update – 5/2 or 4/3…a process to impact for the environment

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote the blog attached. Describing how important it is to start changing my nutrition habits and get to less meat overall. And I said I start eating 2 or 3-times meat in a week. And my post was explaining why this makes sense and what kind of impact it has and we should starting changing…
I failed miserably executing this. Sure, in the first week I made 4/3. Since then it is rather the opposite ratio: 5 to 4-times a week meat. And there are always good excuses for myself. From “we have friends invited” to “let’s just do that this week” to the fact that I actually forgot to think about it.
Net-net, I have to give again another shot and hopefully make better progress. Good thing is, nothing has changed in my thinking. Reprogramming my nutrition after 55 years is just hard.

Here I am, 55 years, somehow educated, average intelligence, delivered some good things in my life, delivered some bad things in my life and still wondering what I can do to be more environmental friendly.
Posting about plastic free, about doing small things that are adding up and trying at least to voice my opinion. Nevertheless, I am constantly wondering what I could do to have additional impact.
The simple truth is, that if we would stop producing fossil fuels immediately and if we could replace it with carbon neutral alternatives the world temperature would still raise by 2 degrees. The simple reason is, that we eat meat. The animals providing this meat produce a gas, called methane, which traps 20 times more heat than carbon heat. Given the trillions of animals we are raising (to provide the meat) our climate will change, if we don’t change the way we eat.
Now, you can go for immediate and radical change, but I do believe the eating change is much more doable, if we move there in steps. What about eating 4 days no meat and 3 days eating meat per week? Or 5 times no meat and 2 times meat? This will have a massive impact as described above.
I decided by now to follow this and start eating this way. I am starting with 5/2 and will see what happens with me. Actually, I think apart from the positive impact for the environment, it will have additional benefits for me…better digestion, better nutrients, new tastings…
Start changing your habits as well and get it into your life. Even it is gradually – it will benefit the planet and you. And stop looking for excuses.